As an author, you know that you cannot have too many tools in your arsenal to get your book in front of your ideal readers.

The reality is that the more visibility you get, the more books that you sell. That is why we have designed TBR LookBooks to compliment your marketing efforts and provide readers with a risk free way to try your books.

The great thing about TBR LookBooks is that they are hosted online, so that means they are available 24/7, at the convenience of your readers worldwide. To share, you simply add your unique link to your book sampler.

To get you started, we have listed below 7 ways you can your TBR LookBook to promote your book.

1. Back matter of your books

When a reader finishes your book is the ideal time to sell them on your other books. The back matter of your book is an ideal place for you to promote these other books you have available. You can encourage readers to pick up another book by you by giving them a preview via your book sampler.

As your TBR LookBook sampler is shared via a link, it is as simple as creating a hyperlink for each title in the back matter.

Sample Call To Action

Looking for more from [author name]? For a sneak peek and to find out more about any of [author name]’s books, simply click on the title for an exclusive excerpt.

2. Include in your newsletter

Your newsletter is full of readers that are excited to hear about your new and existing books. If your book is available as a pre-order, you can build buzz by giving fans an early sneak peek to encourage pre-orders.

These are also ideal when you have a sale or can be used at the bottom of each newsletter to expose new subscribers to all your other titles available.

3. Share with your followers & encourage them to recommend

Word of mouth is some of the best advertising that authors can get. And giving your readers a way to share and recommend your books with their community.

Sharing your link via your author profile let’s your followers know that you have a sample for them to check out. See this great example from B. Cranford on how simple it is to share

And once they have finished the sample, the one-click share buttons make it easy for your followers to share your sample with other readers who will love your words

4. As part of your Facebook Ads

Give browsers of your Facebook ads a low risk way to see if your book is one that they want to read.

Along with your attention grabbing picture, compelling headline and copy, and your buy links, you can include the link to your TBR LookBook sampler.

Sample Call To Action

If you’re new to [author name], read Chapter 1 here

5. In Your Book Launch (and other spotlights, sales & blitzes)

When you launch a new book, there will be many posts in a specific period of time. These may be as part of your virtual tours, during takeovers, by your street teams and of course your own self promotion.

It is during these planned activities that your book visibility will be at one of it’s highest points. With so many new readers eyes on your book, get them immersed in your story and sell more books.

Melissa McClone successfully integrated her TBR LookBook in her release day post to give readers a way to check out her new book The Wedding Lullaby.

6. Embedded on websites

Even though a lot of readers find book through social media and online book retailers, a great many still search the internet for books to read.

A quick search using Neil Patel’s UberSuggest tool for a keyword such as romance books, shows that a great many readers search for and share webpages and blog posts about books that interest them.

With a simple bit of code, you can embed your LookBook on your website, as well as easily share it with book bloggers and other influencer’s to share on their website as part of your media kit. 

7. Add a link to your email signature

If you are looking for something that is a little more subtle, but a great way to keep your book(s) top of mind with your personal contacts and readers, you can add your TBR LookBook as a part of your email signature.

Just like your other links, you simply create a hyperlink directly to your TBR LookBook or a webpage that hosts ALL your LookBooks available for browsing.

Sample Call To Action

Read Chapter 1 of my latest release [book title] OR Have you checked out what books I have available? View ALL my books and read Chapter 1 over on my website

Whether you are looking to build buzz with your loyal fans about your upcoming book, promoting a newly launched book, or working on finding new readers for your book, a TBR LookBook can be a useful tool in your arsenal. 

Want to learn more about creating a TBR LookBook sampler to help with some of the heavy lifting of promoting your book? Simply click here to find out more

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