Samplers designed to sell and recommend your book

Give your book the best chance of being picked up by new readers

Readers are always looking for great books to get lost in. Many love visiting bookstores to pick up books and browse through them to see if it catches their attention. With the move to ebooks, some of this experience is overlooked.

Now you can give readers a preview of your book to replicate the browsing experience.

TBR LookBooks are custom book samplers that are designed to read like an ebook. Including Chapter 1 of your book, you can draw readers in with your writing and invest them in your characters and plot.

At the end of your sample are buttons that link directly to your book on your selected retailer. All readers need to do is choose their preferred retailer. This reduces lost sales where the readers has to search for your book.

Your TBR LookBook sampler also encourages readers to recommend and share your book. With one-click, loyal and excited fans can post your sampler to their social media.

See a TBR LookBook in action →

COST: $40 (USD). Discounts apply for multiple titles

Curious how a TBR LookBook can be used to promote your book?

Thanks so much for checking us out! We would love to work with you to create a custom TBR LookBook sampler for your book.

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